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The Construction Industry Needs You

Updated: Feb 21

The construction industry is continuing to grow across the country, but skilled workers also continue to be in short supply. That’s why, now more than ever, pursuing a career in the construction industry is a smart move. 

For one thing, the pay is great. In fact, wage increases in the construction industry are now a trend. The average increase for both onsite trade workers and office workers was 5.3 percent this past year. Despite this, contractors are still coming up short when it comes to hiring.

In 2023 there were 374,000 construction jobs added across the country, but only 227,000 positions were filled. In order to improve the current state, officials of the Associated General Contractors of America are asking for action from the federal government.

One issue they want addressed is the lack of high school level training and education, which officials are urging the federal government to increase. Officials are also asking the government to expand legal entry of people into the country in order to meet demand. 

All this to say, now is the time to join the construction industry! Licensed electricians are in high demand. Stable work, great pay and benefits, and no college debt – what more could you want?

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