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Roads that Charge: Electric Vehicles Getting a Surge

Michigan is doing it again for the auto industry, and also for electricians. Two stretches of road, over the next two years, near downtown Detroit will have technology embedded that allows electric vehicles to charge while being driven. This will be the first test of electromagnetic inductive charging – a wireless system – on public roads.

Think of this technology as being akin to placing a mobile phone on a wireless charger, only on a much larger scale. The coils embedded in the pavement will transfer magnetic energy to a mounted receiver underneath an electric vehicle. Using a phone app or vehicle control, drivers then choose whether or not to pay to charge their car.

When it comes to emissions, the largest industry to benefit will be the trucking industry. Right now, EV batteries made for long-haul semi-trucks are immensely expensive, heavy and inconvenient to charge. Electromagnetic inductive charging, on the other hand, would mean smaller and cheaper batteries with less charging time. Ultimately this will move us toward our country’s goal of zero emissions.

So what does this mean for union electricians? Through improved infrastructure and EV charging solutions, more folks will opt to buy electric vehicles. When EV road charging starts to expand all over the country, our EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program) certification and expertise will continue to grow in demand and keep our business thriving.

Want to learn more about Detroit’s EV charging roads? Read here.

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